4 Reasons You Should Build Your Own Micro-Trailer Camper

What the heck is a micro-trailer camper you ask?

While there may be varying definitions, let me give you mine. A micro-trailer camper is the same as a micro-truck camper but instead of putting it in the bed of a truck, it goes on a small trailer. Just like a truck camper – it is not bolted permanently to the trailer or part of the trailer.

It is basically cargo.

That means it automatically bypasses all kinds of pesky regulations and red tape, hoops and hurdles, and other unpleasant inconveniences. Of course, that is my humble opinion and in no way shape or form any kind of legal opinion – you have to do your own research and come to your own conclusions and opinion on the matter.

Then proceed at your own discretion and own risk.

The Idea is Simplicity and Cost Efficiency

By keeping the thing as small as possible you keep it as inexpensive as possible to build and own, and light enough to be pulled by almost any vehicle.

Think of a truck camper.

Now think smaller. Something with crouching headroom – not full standing headroom, and something that does not have a cab-over bunk but stays wholely inside the footprint of the bed of a pickup truck.

Imagine a camper shell – though just a bit higher, and you begin to get a general idea.

But unlike a camper shell which is just a cap that sits on the bed rails of the truck – a camper is self-enclosed. In other words, it has a top, sidewalls, a floor, a front, and a rear.

It can be used either in a trailer or on the ground alone.

It can be built by you alone in as little as a single long weekend, to the point of having it weathertight and being able to sleep/live in it if needed. That makes this an excellent and easily affordable realistically attainable housing option for anyone really motivated to escape the rat race fast!

Customize and Improve Your Camper

The beauty of building your own stuff is that you get to build it how you want it.

You can also make improvements as you desire and as you can afford them. If you have the budget and the time you can make it very nice very fast. Likewise, if your budget or needs/wants are more basic you can choose to have it as spartan as necessary or as you want it to be. Either way – it is totally up to you.

It is possible if you want to have an interior galley, a head with a shower (sitting wet bath), storage lockers and shelves, and a convertible sitting area/desk that converts to a bed at night.

You can also have airconditioning and heat along with a vent fan and hatches for plenty of fresh air when needed.

The total weight will be under 1500 pounds fully loaded (luxury edition) and as little as 500 pounds or less for the more basic versions. This of course is the weight of the camper only and not the trailer – or any supplies you choose to carry onboard.

To put that into perspective – it is in line with the weight of some motorcycles – just to give you an idea. So if your vehicle can pull a trailer with a motorcycle on it – then it can pull a trailer with a micro-trailer camper on it with no problem.

Another advantage of building my version of this thing is that it doesn’t have to even look like a camper at all.

It can be made to look like a contractor’s utility trailer – and that makes it very low profile and makes covert camping or stealth camping easily possible. You may even choose to build it in such a way that it can also be loaded directly into the bed of a truck and used as a micro-truck camper too!

How Much to Build This Camper?

The watertight shell can be constructed for less than $500 on the low side and less than $1200 on the high side. The difference depends on whether you fiberglass it (recommended if you can!) or whether you just choose to paint it with exterior paint, which will work too.

Beyond that, it depends on how you want to build out the interior.

It can be as basic as just adding a couple of used vents to the roof and a window in the rear door – or you can install several boat hatches, a Fantastic fan, and other options that can drive the cost up quite a lot.

Again – it’s all at your own option – and even then you can do it later and in phases, if you like.

As far as the trailer itself goes – you can get one from Harbor Freight for a few hundred dollars, or buy a used one in your area. You can also get a utility trailer from Lowes or other such stores fro a few hundred dollars brand new.

What do you think?

Something you are interested in not?

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