Choose the Right Habitat for Yourself and Your Family for Right Now – Choose a Better Home, Build a Better Life

Whether you fully realize it or not you have all kinds of CHOICES about what to live in and what and where to call home right now.

That may be contrary to what you currently believe – but it is true never the less!

Society conditions us all to believe you have two choices – pay rent or make mortgage payments. While those two options are what most people see and one of which is what most people will, in fact, do for their entire lives, it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is really available to you.

Welcome to a site that is going to blow your mind if you stick around here for very long – and just maybe you can use the information you get here to change your life forever too!

Housing Expenses and Related Debts are Chains of Indenturment and Servitude

Housing (just the rent or mortgage most people pay) can easily cost anywhere from a quarter to half of your total family net monthly income – or even more.

Too often people struggle to carry that burden and it has a negative impact on life for anyone doing it.

If you decide to choose a housing option, for now, that will allow you to free yourself from this massive drain on your resources – then the entire amount can be reallocated toward helping you get ahead in life instead of just continuing to struggle trying to get by.

It is possible. You can do it. That is an absolute fact.

But whether you will CHOOSE to do it or not – well that is an entirely different matter and one you must ultimately decide for yourself.

Temporary Sacrifices for Lifelong Benefits

There are so many affordable habitats you can choose from that will help you get ahead. Some you can even own outright with no payments, no rent, no debts – and even minimal other expenses such as utilities and maintenance.

Such options may shock your senses when you first hear about them – and your gut reaction is “No way!” and you may think such things are not realistic or possible even – but they are.

If you choose one – any one of them that will work for you – and you make it work for now and just long enough, then you can systematically move to the next level – if you choose – that you really want and can actually afford. But you only do it when you can actually afford it too.

This philosophy will free you from a life of working yourself to death just to get by month after month with no end in sight.

Some Crazy – But Not Crazy, Housing Options to Think About

There are homes in almost every area that are run down and cosmetically distressed, and these homes can be purchased far below the value they would have if they were repaired and fixed up. In some cases, only a few thousand dollars (less then the price of a new car – and less than the price of some good used cars too!) is more than enough for you to get your hands on one of these homes – if you know how and if you have the guts to go do it.

After that, you will have tons of work to do to make the home really nice. Everything you need to know you can learn – and if you are in good enough physical shape to cut boards I half, screw them together and other such tasks – then you can learn and do most of the work yourself. That will save you tens of thousands of dollars potentially – and all that is money that improves your life instead of making someone else wealthier.

But unlike some people – I won’t tell you it will be easy because it won’t be. It will be hard work. Simply put some people will never do this because they are too lazy or just don’t want to do this much work. What about you?

Some other options to think about include;

Tiny House – built mush like a small shed – simple, affordable and can be very effective if you build it yourself. if you pay someone else or but one already built then you pay them for their profit too. Nothing wrong with that if you can afford it and want to do it – just a reality you need to factor in. Also, keep in mind your own goals – and choose wisely. Some tiny homes can be built or bought very cheaply while others are going to cost you as much or more than a full-sized house!

Shed to Cottage Conversion – I have personally done two of these (so far) myself and it is relatively quick and too me fun to do. You can even buy a shed on sale sometimes for near what it would cost you in materials to build it (or even less!) and you will have a weather-tight shell to start working on which is a tremendous advantage in some cases. You can work on it at night and when the weather is bad so it gets done quickly even on a part-time basis. It took me less than a week in both cases – part-time. Want to see my shed to cottage conversions? Visit our YouTube channel and I will have videos there of them both soon! Beyond my own – many people have converted sheds of all sizes and some of them are truly amazing. Search YouTube and you will find plenty of examples!

RV – Plenty of used RV’s and they are cheap in many cases. BUT… most of them will have hidden damage – almost always water-related damage that can be hard to find and harder to correct – especially if you have no clue how an RV is actually built. Again this is something you can learn about and you can learn how to d relatively complex repairs inexpensively (it’s mostly labor) if you are willing and able to learn and then do the work yourself. If you apply someone else it can get really very expensive very fast! There are also plans available where you can buy a trailer and build your own RV from the frame up – and that isn’t as expensive as you may think. You will also know for sure what you have because you will be the one building it! by the way – when my wife and I finally decided we had had enough and that it was time to ditch the rat race – the way we chose to do it was to buy an old travel trailer and fix it up. It had a TON of water damage, plumbing problems, and other issues – which is why we were able to buy a 35′ Keystone travel trailer for just a few thousand dollars – which would have cost four times as much or more if it had been in great shape! It worked for us – we lived in “Nora” for a year or so and used that time to change our lives forever. You can do the same thing – if you choose to. It’s entirely up to you!

Van/Bus and or Other Vehicle Conversion

This is like all the others in that it can work for some better than others. you decide for yourself. If I were single I could very easily live long term in a micro truck camper – I am certain of that – and I could do it very happily. Yet since I am not single, and since my wife also hates really tiny spaces (she tolerates small spaces and has even lived aboard a boat with me for a year!) and because of that a truck camper is not an option. Something more like a bus/coach would work space-wise – but she also hates anything with wheels that has the engine attached to the living space (like a bus or motor coach) and prefers travel trailers, especially large fifth wheel types. The point is – you have to compromise and meet the needs of your spouse/significant other – unless you want a miserable life that is!

Boat as a Liveaboard – I love boats of all kinds large and small and even tiny too! My wife and I and our young at the time son all lived aboard a boat for a year or so along with our dog. That was a lot of fun and a learning experience. Though at the time I had not yet realized we could have used the lifestyle to change our lives forever – and instead it was just a temporary adventure until we eventually moved back ashore and resumed “normal living” once again. At the time we were a lot younger ad my wife was fine with the adventure – so long as that’s all it was. Even then she would not have liked for a longer period of time – and today it would be out of the question because she would not like to do it again (I would though;) and you have to find something that works for YOU and YOUR FAMILY NOW. That’s a key thing to consider. Life happens. Things change over the years for a variety of reasons. What is possible for you now may not be ideal later – and vice versa too. So choose what works best TODAY and fro this time in your life. That is what matters. When it comes to living aboard a boat – your choices dramatically affect the cost and the outcome in every other way. It is possible to live aboard a boat for next to nothing – and it is also easily possible for it to cost you far more than living in a normal house or apartment ever would too! So if you want to do the boat thing – you have a lot you need to learn first!

This all has been just a little bit of information to get you thinking and maybe even to start researching your options more. There are MANY OTHER OPTIONS TOO!

In the coming weeks, months and years my intention is to seek out all kinds of people living in all kinds of things and interview them all, and to look at plans, designs, manufacturers and other sources too.

Habitats include all kinds of things both extreme and mundane. Even normal housing – and we will look at all sorts of options and different strategies you can use to better afford, acquire, and then live in any one of these things that best works for you!

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our new YouTube Channel too!



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