Finding Examples to Consider and Model

When you are looking at radically different ideas about what to live in than you have been conditioned to accept as normal – it can seem impossible or at least unrealistic for most of the things you encounter.

But if you can find other people who are actually doing it now – or who have done it already successfully – and you can read their stories and in some cases watch their videos, and maybe even meet some of them in person at a meetup, gathering or workshop somewhere, it opens your eyes to the fact that you CAN do the same things if you really want to.

There are many great examples to look at and many sources of inspiration for you to consider.

One of them is Bob Wells who runs a website called and his own YouTube channel too. Bob has stories and interviews from all kinds of people living in all kinds of things, many of whom have been living unconventionally for years, even decades.

Bob is focused on people who live in things on wheels primarily. Cars, Vans, Trucks, Busses, Trailers, and similar things.

His site and his videos are a wealth of information and if you don’t know about him already be sure to go check out his site and his channel.

Another source of inspiration and in a different direction is Lamar Alexander and his site and his youTube channel which you can find via links on his site.

This is an interesting guy who was a former school teacher who decided he wanted a better life than what is typically pursued. So he built himself a tiny cabin homestead – basically, a little building much like a storage shed – and moved on in.

He has since shared his story in his videos, posts and even eBooks he has written. He also has some plans available so you can build your own cabin too. Even now I still go back and watch some of his videos and read his posts occasionally.

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