Sheds Can Be Easily Converted to Cottages

While it is not that hard to build a shed from the ground up it does take time and effort and a little knowledge too.

But what if you want liveable space fast and you don’t want to have to build the whole shed yourself?

There are other options. One is to simply buy a shed and have it delivered – then convert it into a cottage. I’ve done both and converting is much easier and much faster!

Want to see one of my shed to cottage conversions? Watch this YouTube video on my new channel “Build Your Own Stuff” and visit the site from too if you like at

This is the newest site in the family and one of 12 core sites I am building to help provide specialized information to you and anyone else who wants it. Check out the site and as you take on your own projects – let me know – and maybe I can do an interview with you and feature your project on the channels and in our blogs too.

Whatever you do – do something to improve your life today and then keep on doing something every day from now on. Your life is today. make it count! 

What Else You Will Need

Obviously you need to get your shed. There are plenty of places in the country (and other countries too if you are not is the US) where you can find a good solid shed for not a lot of money. Just be sure to get one with full size framing lumber. Some places used to cut down lumber to be cheaper and possibly to create a lighter shed to make transporting them cheaper and easier. You want solid – not light – and not cheaply made either.

Many sellers will offer special discounts on units that they have taken back as a trade or as a repo – but most of these sheds are still rock solid. However, since they are no longer brand new they will be sold for deep discounts.

Even new sheds that have some cosmetic damage can be bought for very little – and they often will have a closeout or one they are getting rid of for some reason which they will sell you for much less than full price.

After you have your shed onsite you will also need;

  • Insulation
  • Framing lumber
  • Wallboard/drywall
  • Screws
  • Joint compound
  • Trim
  • Flooring (if desired) or floor paint
  • An A/C unit – to install either in a wall (recommended) or in a window
  • Upgraded windows/entry door
  • Primer/paint

There will be lots of little things you will need and some tools too. But this will give you a general idea of what will be involved. Keep in mind this is not a set of plans or a guide – and you will have to get more information and make your own list of stuff you need and want.

You also need to think about power.

How are you going to supply electricity? If you are going to have it wired then obviously that needs to be done before you start insulating and sealing up walls.

You also need to figure out where you want your air conditioner. I like cutting a hole in the wall and mounting it there so it doesn’t take up window space – but you will need to do that early n your project before you seal up the walls too.

Sometimes I am in a hurry and just mount the thing in the window – as I did in my last shed to cottage conversion and you will see in the video. Even then be aware that some shed windows come too small to get most airconditioners in – so you may have to either make modifications or use a different window.

Converting a shed to a cottage is not the right project or thing to do for everyone – but it might be for you. Check out the video and our new site and let me know what you think and what you decide.

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