Size Matters – And Here’s Why

The home you choose has the potential to either eat up a huge portion of your net income every month – or it can reduce and even eliminate most of those costs depending on what you choose and how big it is.

A home does not have to be a house either by the way – that’s why I like the term “Human Habitat” which includes all kinds of different things of all types and all sizes. Each has its own benefits and its own challenges and drawback too. The key is finding the right one for you right now, and that depends on your situation, your resources, and what you are trying to accomplish – as well as your own unique preferences.

In general, most people looking into tiny houses and other unconventional ways of living these days do so for one or more of a few common reasons which include;

  • Save money
  • Get out of debt
  • Freedom of location
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Adventure

There are many other reasons too, and for a lot of people, it isn’t just one thing but some combination of factors that are driving them to pursue looking for other housing options other than just being “normal” and paying rent or mortgage payments for life.

The Smaller It is the More Affordable and Attainable It Is

Two of the simplest and least costly options include living in either a truck camper or a tiny home on a trailer of some type. Believe it or not, I can show you how you can build your own truck camper in any size pickup truck bed, and have it watertight for less than $500 and do it in less than three long days of work.


Now do keep in mind that what I am talking about will just be the most basic structure and will not have all kinds of fancy electronics, pumps, appliances, systems, and gizmos – but it will be weathertight and capable of being lived in – and you can add all the gizmos you want over time!

What else can you complete in 3 days and have weather tight enough to live in within that time for that amount of money?

The next possibility is a similar structure on or in a trailer. You can either get an inexpensive utility trailer new or used and build on that, better yet build a structure that gets connected in such a way as it is considered “cargo” just like a truck camper basically – and that makes the trailer registration and legalities easier and cheaper too in some cases.

These are just a couple of potential solutions to consider. There are many others too. Vans, boats, vehicle conversions, shed conversions, tiny houses, small houses, and even buying a dilapidated house for under ten thousand dollars and rebuilding it over time… and on and on it goes.

The point is there are countless options – so all you have to do is find just ONE solution that will work better for you right now. It doesn’t even have to be thought of as your “forever home” either. Think of it as just something to move you a great big step closer to where you ultimately want to be – but be careful though! Many people do fall in love with things they never imagined they would want to live in and they stay in them for years by choice – and some for the rest of their lives.

So you never really know until you try something new. The smaller it is the more accessible it becomes and that makes it easier for you to give it a try in the first place.

When things are small they require less materials to build, less time and effort to complete, and less costs to own and use. That all makes them far more affordable. Some even have other benefits – such as the truck camper plans I mentioned – because you can park the truck anywhere with the camper that you could park it without it – and that gives you countless options – including many that are FREE!

Imagine owning your own little tiny home completely paid for and having next to nothing in costs for power and ventilation too. Think of the money you could save! Even if you only did it temporarily for a period of time – let’s say a year or so, then you could save up more than enough money to pay cash for an acre or two – or more depending on where you want to own it.

Once you own land then you have a home base. Think of it like a ship having a home port. Another way to think of it is as your own private campground.

Once you have that you have a homestead if you want one too.

From there you can build your own tiny house or small home if need be. Just remember to keep it as small as possible if you still want to reduce both construction costs and heating and cooling costs, and maintenance costs, etc.

You can do this if you choose to. Nothing is stopping you but imagined barriers in your own mind – most of which don’t really exist.

Go small, go simple and you can go now!

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