What Covid 19/Coronavirus Can Teach You About Housing

Anything that can be survived can and should be a valuable learning experience – including this pandemic.

Right now there are millions of people worldwide in crisis and it is getting worse by the day – but not from the virus itself. These people are suffering traumatic financial hardships as a result of worldwide panic and the massive negative impact it has had and is still having on people’s ability to earn money to live on.

When you have a mortgage or pay rent and you can’t make the payments – then you face the very real possibility of losing your home. That is a lesson you need to learn now and never ever forget it again. This crisis will eventually be over – but mark my words well – there will be another crisis soon enough. Look at history and learn.

Right now people are HOPING the government will save them.

That isn’t much of a plan.

Yet, for millions it is all they have – hope that someone will step in and save the day before they and their stuff are put in the street.

The reason people are in dire straits is because of faulty societal conditioning that is taught and reinforces the idea of financing everything to the hilt and above. Including the very homes people live in.

I was a real estate agent/broker for years – and one of the first questions people always wanted to have the answer to was how much could they qualify for. Most people buy homes at or near the upper limit – in my own experience anyway – instead of buying what they need and what they can actually afford at any given time.

Needs and wants are very different things indeed.

Your Home is NOT an Investment – It is Your HOME!

People are taught to think of their homes as investments. But the logic commonly taught is illogical.

People buy homes they do not necessarily like and they can not afford in hopes of selling them later for a profit. I suggest you forget that way of thinking and consider some different possibilities instead. Then decide what makes more sense and what doesn’t to you and proceed accordingly.

First, imagine this – you have a home that is PAID FOR. You have no mortgage, no loan, and no debt of any kind on your home.

How much different would your situation be?

No rent no mortgage. No stress. No housing crisis – not for you anyway – nor do you have to HOPE the government, or your landlord or your mortgage company has pity on you and comes and saves you either. You don’t need their help because you have already helped yourself by not being dependent on them or anyone else for your housing!

This is contrary to the idiots who say you should “invest your equity” in the stock market instead of owning a free and clear home. And yes I said IDIOTS.

How is their advice working out at this moment?

Many companies that people own stock in are not going to survive this at all – and when they go under what do you think happens to all that “invested” equity money?

Poof! It’s gone – that’s what is going to happen.

Always remember any time you hear the word investment that means there is always a risk – and just like you may be able to make money with a good investment – so can you lose it when things go wrong… such as is life right now.

Change How You See Your Home and Adjust Now…

Remember this time – even when things get more back to normal. Never forget it. Adjust your situation as soon as you can and do not put yourself or your family at risk of losing your home ever again.

How you go about doing that depends on many different factors.

It depends on you, your situation, your level of motivation – and what you are willing to do to change your life.

You can change your life – and I guarantee you that you can – but the real question is do you really want to or not and what are you willing to do to make it really happen?

That you have to decide.

There are multiple ways to elimiate your housing costs and they reange from moerate, to agressive to extreme – depending on what you can and are willing to do.

Here are just a few things to consider;

  1. Down Size – get rid of an expensive home and get a more affordable sensible home
  2. Tiny House – build it yourself and save, build it small and cheap and then upgrade only as you need to and can afford to do so
  3. Vans and Vehicles – Numerous things you can live in and aboard from vans to buses to truck campers. Find what works and do it
  4. Boat Life – Liveaboard a boat. Many ways to do so but you definitely need to earn a few things here first otherwise you will get more than you bargain for and can spend even MORE instead of less if you are not careful
  5. Commercial Truck – Get your CDL and become a professional truck driver and live in your company provided truck for FREE! Even better get a paycheck along with it ranging from about $800 to $1000 or more per week (gross) with NO HOUSING COSTS AT ALL! Of course, this isn’t going to work if you have a family – other than a spouse or significant other who is willing and able to go on the road with you – but if it does work for you- you can change your life FAST.
  6. Rental Property – if you deal with rentals you want to be the landlord and not the tenant. Buy or build a duplex or 4 plex and rent out the other units to cover your own housing costs. But remember – if you have a mortgage on that property and the tenants can not pay – you can still lose it – so work to get it paid off as fast as possible!
  7. Homestead – get out of the city! Look around and you will understand why – or at least you should. The city is NOT where you want to be in any kind of crisis. Leave now! Go out in the country and buy some land – even an old dilapidated house with an acre or two and fix it up, grow your own food, get some chickens and learn to become a prepper/survivalist and do it now!
  8. Find Something that Works BETTER for YOU! Don’t like any of the ideas I have given you – then fine. Find something you do like and that is better for you now and then do that. Even better -share your ideas with us all too and let us know how it is working out for you!

You are as Independent or as Helpless as You Choose to Be

I hate the entire idea of dependence and just having hope as a plan. As I said – that is not much of a plan. Yet in the end, it is your life and you have to either make decisions and take action yourself – or you can bet that there are plenty of other people who will make your decisions for you!

You are not helpless – unless you choose to be so. If you choose not to be helpless then stop acting like you are and start doing things to start to change your life now!

Housing costs are a massive expense – and one that you can dramatically reduce or even eliminate – if you want to bad enough to do what needs to be done.

You have to choose.

Make your own decisions or someone else will make them for you.

Please do not let this crisis go by without learning anything from it. As terrible as it is and as it has been – there are lessons here that can change your life for the better if you decide to learn them and apply them now.

Time to choose…

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