Truck Camper as a Tiny Home?

Whether you have ever thought of it or not a Truck Camper can work great as a Tiny Home!

Of course whether it will work for you or not depends on your situation and what you are willing and able to do, and in the end you have to decide for yourself. If it will work for you  – a truck camper can be one of the absolute fastest and cheapest tiny homes to actually get into!

That is especially true if you build the thing yourself!

Before you scream aloud that you can’t do that – I assure you that you can if you can do simple things like nail or screw boards together, read and follow instructions, and handle basic labor tasks. If you can then you can build your own truck camper. Keep in mind you do have other options too though. You can buy an existing truck camper either used or new. You can also get a set of plans and have someone else build one for you. You can even buy a shell of some type that is intended for utility vehicles or work trucks and then convert that thing into a camper.

Another side benefit of such a camper is that it doesn’t look like a camper at all from the outside – it looks like it is just part of a work truck, and doesn’t draw attention. This can be invaluable for stealth camping – or what I like to call “covert camping”.

That means basically hiding in plain sight.

You can park on city streets, in industrial areas, outside major stores and shopping centers, near small businesses and many other places and go unnoticed. That can be important because it allows you to completely avoid paying campground fees or lot rent and still be close to your own work if necessary. Just a few months of doing this will allow you to earn and save enough cash to buy a piece of land outside the city and use that land as your home base and your own homestead if and as you wish- and have a PAID FOR home for the rest of your life. That makes life much more profitable, easy and simple – and it makes it possible for you to start to get ahead (especially if you follow what I teach!) instead of just getting by for the rest of your life.

Consider Keeping It Small and Simple

If you are willing to go extreme then keep the thing as small and simple as you can make it. That will save time, money, and weight – which will help you finish it and move in much faster. The main idea is to get ahead financially and do it fast by eliminating normal housing costs.

Consider making your truck camper sitting height only – not full stand up height. Also, skip the cab-over bunk entirely and instead use convertible seating to bunk/bed arrangement. That makes it extremely efficient and it is a major step in allowing you to reduce all that weight – and expense. It will also reduce wind resistance driving and that will save you fuel too! An added bonus!

Take a look at several truck caps and you get the idea I am talking about on overall height. You can also sit in a minivan – and then take the rough measurements from that and use a tape measure to measure from the floor of your truck bed to the height above your cab – and you will have a pretty good idea too. Remember to add a few inches fro the thickness of your truck camper floor too.

It is possible to rig up the plumbing with a small sink and grey tank and even a sitdown shower – inside your truck camper. You may also have an attachment to that system that allows you to take standup outdoor showers as an option when you are in locations that can accommodate that. A small popup shower tent can provide privacy in campgrounds and boondocking areas too.

Heat can be from a small wood-burning stove or a propane stove – or both. If you are going to be in a place where you can have shore power you might want to consider a small oil-filled radiator with a thermostat – and I can assure you that it alone will provide more than enough heat in almost any climate other than perhaps the arctic circle.

Seek and You Will Find Truck Camper Information

I did think about putting a bunch of links and pictures in this post – but decided against it. Instead what I want you to do is go to YouTube and search ” Micro Truck Campers” and ” Pickup truck Campers” and that will give you some additional ideas for your own searches.

Then go to Cheap RV Living – Bob Wells site and take a look at the original truck camper he built for himself way back when he was first starting out as a vehicle dweller.

Then go to Butler Projects and look at the design he has there for a very small truck camper – and imagine how you could build out that interior to suit yourself. And then finally – go to Glen L. Marine and look at their camper designs. Especially the smallest ones they offer – and keep in mind that even if you decide to buy a set of plans you can modify it as you see fit, but the plans will help you understand the various building methods and techniques you could use to build your own.

Some Other Thoughts on Why Truck Campers are Better

So long as you keep it small and simple – it is one of the cheapest housing options you have access to, and it is totally and easily portable so long as you have your own truck. If you have a car – consider selling it and getting a truck instead! If you already have a truck – so much the better.

Truck Campers are considered cargo in most states  – and not vehicles themselves. That means no hoops and hurdles or unnecessary expenses to jump through that you have with travel trailers, tiny houses, and motor homes. Simpler, easier, and cheaper overall.

Of course, you can make it as heavy, complicated, and expensive as you like too. There are prebuilt commercial versions available with multiple slides and amenities that rival some apartments and other homes – and with the price tag to prove it too. Not to mention the fact they are so heavy you will need a huge – and very expensive – truck to carry the beast in.

That’s not what we are talking about here – though it is an option if that’s what you want. So too is every conceivable thing in between from a small simple micro version that you can build yourself with no previous experience in a weekend for a few hundred bucks – all the way up to that titanic beastie I just mentioned.

Life is all about choices, as is your housing and what you choose to call your home. So look at truck campers of all types and consider your options. Then decide. A truck camper just might change your life.

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