Your Home is Your Choice

What do you live in now?

For most people it will be a house, condo, townhouse or apartment of some kind – and it will very likely be rented or have a mortgage on it.

Now think about this for a moment – WHY do you live in that?


A great many people are doing things like choosing what hoe to live in by default and based largely on societal conditioning about what you should want and what others say you need.

But it’s all bull.

Truth? The truth is that there are many different housing options and opportunities out there for you t consider if you choose to do so – and then make an intelligent informed intentional decision about where to live and in or on what to live that is more in your own best interest right now.

Housing Costs Eat Up A Ton of Your Financial Resources

Alot of the money your earn each month typically goes to housing. Most in the form of rent or a monthly mortgage payment. Then there are all the additional costs for power, other utilities, upkeep, repairs and improvements.

This doesn’t even include all of the time you likely put in very week, month and year working on your home.

While I do not say everybody should live in a debt free tiny house or a van conversion, boat, bus, yurt, shed/cottage conversion etc, I will say that you COULD if you chose to do so. That’s my main point here – you do have other choices available to you if you want them!

Of course, you can keep on keeping on and doing the same old things you have been doing up until now too. If that is working for you then so be it.

But if its not…

And if you find you have more month left at the end of your money and you are sick and tired of it – the here is what you do – CHANGE IT!

Investigate some other housing options and find something hat will work better for you now. That’s also key – it doesn’t have to be forever – just for right now and until you are ready to move on to something else even better.

What You Choose to Believe is Your Reality

I’ve heard it more than once – that living in “THAT!” is impossible or impractical and that people can’t do that! Can they?

The answer is that people ARE doing it and have been for decades and even longer than that. People live in and on things that are limited only by their own beliefs.

So it will be with you too.

If you choose to continue to believe that you can only live in a house or an apartment etc., and only by paying a mortgage or rent forever – then that is your reality. Just be aware it is self-imposed.

Likewise, if you choose to change your mindset and expand your possibilities – then a whole new world begins to appear right in front of you! and that my friend, and that become your new reality!

Want some inspiration and to see some of these ideas in real life and stories about other people doing it all now?

Visit and get to know Bob Wells and some of the many people he has interviewed over the years. Bob himself started living in a truck out of desperation and necessity – and then a remarkable thing happened – he discovered he actually liked it!

He has been living in vehicles ever since.

Go check out his site/blog and be sure to take a look at his YouTube Channel and you will see some interesting stories about people living in all kinds of different vehicles.

Then when you are done there – go visit – this guy is a former school teacher who decided to escape the rat race for good and do it his way!

He built a little cabin – not much more than a storage shed type structure with some amenities added – and made that his home! Millions of people have read about and watched his story on his YouTube chanel and other places. He is like Bob in some ways and that they both decided that the “normal” ways of doing thinsg that society dictates were n longer acceptable – so they each found their own ways to break free – and so can YOU!

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